COVID-cleared for procedure 6/4/20

He can have all the snacks he wants after that!

Poor little bud had his third (or fourth, I lost track) COVID test today at a drive-through testing site in New Haven. It’s never good but he was particularly angry at this one.  He called the nurse a “stupid blockhead” which is about the nastiest thing he knows how to say, so you know he was mad!

He got to watch Bambi on the tablet, and eat all the strawberries and Mickey Mouse goldfish crackers he wanted after that.  

The good news is we already got results back that he’s negative, and cleared to treat tomorrow!  The bad news is that his anesthesia was pushed back to at least noon so he is going to be fasting for a loooooong time tomorrow. Praying it goes better than we imagine, and that he makes counts to start treatment, too.

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