Chemo hold for liver counts

Little Cheeky doubled down on appointments today. This morning he had a blood draw at the Yale collection location close to our house, which was a great time-saver, but the counts came back within a few hours showing his liver enzymes were continuing to rise quite high.  In addition, he’s been quite  an aggressive beast, highly irritable, and sleeping more.  The team wanted to see him to test for a few more viruses and to examine him. Off we went to clinic for the afternoon.

We haven’t heard about the labs yet, but his liver is a little big and he needs to make some med changes to give his liver a break.  Ironically, we have to stop his “favorite” med (yes, he has a favorite, as ridiculous as that may sound). Instead of Bactrim (aka Pinky) on the weekends, he will have a once monthly transfusion of pentamidine.  We will get checked in a week to see how the chemo hold has fared.

The good news is that other counts like hemoglobin are great.  Have a good week and be well, Team Naaman.

Chillin' out Maxin Relaxin all cool with apple juice and Black Panther

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