June 2020

Chemo is back on

Hello, Team Naaman. Hope you are keeping cool. It’s a bit of a muggy heat wave here and we are grateful for central air to escape when we need! Cheeky loves to be outside, but tends to be hot (or cold) when it doesn’t make sense to us.  Don’t be surprised if you spot him […]

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Chemo hold for liver counts

Little Cheeky doubled down on appointments today. This morning he had a blood draw at the Yale collection location close to our house, which was a great time-saver, but the counts came back within a few hours showing his liver enzymes were continuing to rise quite high.  In addition, he’s been quite  an aggressive beast,

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Cycle 5 started

Counts (for chemo) were all good to start! The gang’s all here, waiting for Naaman to wake up! Naaman fared better fasting than we imagined (Amen) but had low blood sugar when we got to clinic.  He got some sugars to boost him up and all other counts needed looked good (ANC, hemoglobin, platelets).  As

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