Finishing up Cycle 4

In case you missed it, May the Fourth be with you. Leia and Han enjoyed a day of Star Wars foods and game and movies.  Why have tater tots when you can have Vader’s taters? (Yes, superfans, our Leia and Han got their own light sabers.)

Chemo in clinic Thursday

While Naaman has daily oral chemo at home, he still has IV chemo monthly in clinic.  Things went very smoothly and we were there just a few hours.  

Getting some notes done
Faithful Koala gets the meds and puffer ready

What's up next for Cheeky?

Naaman’s counts are looking well enough to continue chemo, finishing up Cycle 4 of long-term maintenance.  He can even increase doses of some meds.  This is a good thing, although we do keep a close eye on him in the event he isn’t tolerating it.  For example, the team monitors his liver very closely, after he was hospitalized for eight weeks last spring following liver failure.  

Next month, Cheeky starts up Cycle 5 of long-term maintenance.  That means the same plan of lumbar punctures and chemo he has been following; however it’s his first LP since the pandemic so he will follow some different safety measures before sedation.  So far at least we know he will be tested again for COVID just before his procedures.  

Thank you for ongoing prayers for Cheeky to stay on the right track.  Happy Mother’s Day to all our mamas and soon-to-be mamas! 

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