Successful Chemo in COVID Precautions

Today was Day 29 of Cycle 4 of long-term maintenance (but hey, who’s counting) for Naaman, which means he needed IV chemo and clearance to start up steroids and his investigational drug.  Despite hosting a few viruses, his counts were good enough to press on, and he is on track. He was even well enough to increase chemo a little (they monitor him along the way and sometimes increase or decrease doses to give him as much as he can safely tolerate to keep that cancer away).

We are very proud of YNHH and Smilow for getting such a safe, smooth system down for COVID precautions.  Checking temp and symptoms as soon as you enter the building, making sure we are masked up, keeping us each in separate isolated rooms, etc. We felt safe and comfortable, and grateful for the work the staff put in. Team Naaman, take a peek on our Facebook page for cute live video of Cheeky in clinic. Be well, stay home.

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