Iron Man’s “port”

No news is good news, Team Naaman. Cheeky is breathing well at home and no fevers in a week! He has a telehealth appointment with respiratory in a few weeks to hopefully figure out a plan for why he keeps having respiratory events with his colds.

Everyone knows how much Naaman loves the Avengers, and has been hooked on Hulk and Captain America mostly.  Iron Man has been taking over as of late, and for the cutest reason. Naaman keeps talking about Iron Man’s “port” (arc reactor) on his suit. “He got port like me!”

He feels pretty cool to get super powers through his port, “just like Iron Man.” What’s more, in the first Iron Man movie, Tony Stark had an NG tube in for one scene! Exciting stuff.  

If that isn’t enough cuteness for you, you should also know that one of Naaman’s favorite songs is… Iron Man by Black Sabbath.  Don’t know it? (gasp) Click here.

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