ER again

Last night Naaman had another ER visit. The same story as two weeks prior: thick snot, ear/eye gunk, cough, low-grade fever all day and fever spike late in the day. We saw the same staff as two weeks ago (which is actually great because they know him and know his story by now), but this time we got away without a COVID test and oxygen.

Naaman has an ear infection and still has bronchiolitis, which means some ear drops and a new inhaler.  He still has a fever today but is breathing fine at home, and hopefully will stay put.  We are grateful to Yale for quick blood cultures, lab work, chest x-ray, and meds to get him out of there in about four hours.  Thank you!

Sounds like a lot of respiratory stuff? You’re right, Cheeky has had a bunch of respiratory stuff this winter/spring, but he has had respiratory issues in general throughout treatment.  He always has breathing issues during sedation, which is why we had so many LPs in the OR instead of the clinic.  His team has referred him for follow-up with our pediatrician and the pulmonary team to check for asthma or other underlying issues that are making him more susceptible.

Stay home and stay smart, Team Naaman!

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