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Hello, Team Naaman! As The Johnson Academy hosted its ribbon-cutting ceremony and launched its first week, we are a few days in delay of updates. (In case you aren’t sensing our cheekiness… we have been busy adapting to distance learning.)

Last Thursday, 3/12/20, Naaman had an LP and chemo. Things went very smoothly and according to plan. What’s more, we got our chemo in and onc visit so that, sparing any surprises, we can wait four weeks until our next visit! Unprecedented! Clinic has reduced visits to essentials (i.e. urgent concerns and scheduled chemo) so Cheeky had the lay of the land in the play area. Mostly sleepy teenagers in their own chemo areas.

What's different for Naaman with COVID-19?

His counts have been good, so our oncologist directed us in precautions: all the same good stuff you are doing (clean hands and surfaces, social distancing, sheltering in, monitoring for symptoms).  Because Naaman is immuno-compromised, we have to be en garde.  Physical Therapy has shifted to a home program and no community ventures, but those are cancelled anyway.  We encourage you to ask us questions privately if you’re curious or concerned, however we are feeling great and in the careful hands of God – and the oncology team.  We also encourage you to reach out to us if you have questions about these new buzzwords, as we have become pretty knowledgeable and can help clear up for you what made no sense to us:  social distancing, flatten the curve, self-quarantine, immuno-compromised… to suggest a few.  Knowledge is power, guys.

And now for something completely different...

Gear up for Spring!

If anyone would like to purchase any custom Team Naaman gear, contact Chris Cruz (@Christhebarbercruz) or Al Lavigne (@AlbertLavigne), or us, if social media is your cryptonite. 

These are the Team Naaman softball guys who just love on him and have been so good to us.  Chris hand-makes the apparel.

Says, Chris: “I am also open to making customized shirts if you would like something other than the pictures posted I will accept payment through CashApp, Venmo, and cash.  Once I get any payments I will begin on your orders thank you so very much. God bless you all 🙏.”

T Shirts – 20$
Dri-fits shirts – 25$
(Orders 10 or more I will give a discount)

Cashapp: $Ccruzthebarber

Venmo: @Christhebarbercruz

Be well!

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