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Hello, Team Naaman? Did you know that Mr. Naaman turned 3 last Friday???? Yea! We have photos and fun to share from his birthday celebrations, but are kicking off a “Did You Know…” post for some new updates. Here we go!

  1. The Pink Ladies of Wallingford, CT help patients and their families affected by cancer of all kinds.  100% of their collected donations go straight to the families as they are composed entirely of volunteers.  Thank you to these selfless ladies for loving on our family! Their contact info is below:

2.  We scare because we care… name that movie! (Answer below if you give up.)   Most CT residents have heard of Trail of Terror in Wallingford, but most people don’t know that Wayne Barneschi and The Boo Crew give back the proceeds for local causes.  Check out this awesome group of people at trailofterror.com.

AND get excited! Armory of Darkness coming soon to Meriden. 

Give up on the movie? Monsters Inc.  Thank you, Boo Crew, for all you have done for our family! 

3. February 29th is Rare Disease Awareness Day! While acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.) is the most common type of childhood cancer, Naaman has a rare subtype of A.L.L. called Philadelphia-like A.L.L.  Most of you Team Naamanites have heard us talk about “Ph-like A.L.L.” at some point and may or may not know what it means.  Treatment, cure rates, relapse rates, long-term prognososis – are all different.  And unfortunately not as known or understood.  St. Baldrick’s – another really awesome foundation for patients with cancer and their families – has a perfect description that I only wish I’d found sooner.  Check out the quick read here.

Don't forget it's Daylight Savings this Sunday! Or as Naaman likes to call it... Sunday.

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