Bronchiolitis and ER visit

Naaman’s cold took a turn yesterday (Thursday) and morphed into a gross cough and some green snot – and then a fever of 100.5 just before bedtime.  Hoping to avoid the war zone at Yale New Haven Hospital, we tried to negotiate with the on-call doctor, but there was no winning.  As long as he is in active chemo, he has to head to the ER for a fever over 100.4.  

His nurse friends were all pleased to see him, and he sure had a lot of questions about the way they were dressed.  He kept telling them, “I like your shield” (face shield) and “like a Star Wars” (masks).  Sweetness aside, it is serious business in the hospital right now and I’m glad the Children’s ED was quieter at that moment.  There are many extra precautions in place now, like the doctor calling us for questions or updates instead of gowning, masking, and gloving multiple times to come in the room.  It’s no exaggeration: PPE supply is low and staff are spread thin.  

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Fortunately for Cheeky, his counts were good and the chest X-ray showed he’s got bronchiolitis again. That meant he got antibiotics and could go home.  He will need an albuterol inhaler, but can stay peacefully in Johnson Family Quarantine as long as there are no more fevers.

He will, however, have to get tested for COVID-19 now.  He didn’t need to before, but now that there are respiratory issues and he is already immunocompromised, it’s better to be safe.

Stay home, stay safe.  #QuaranTeam!

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  1. You guys have been in my thoughts all day since Neil told me about Cheeky this morning. Hoping everything turns out alright. Miss you guys!

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