Happy Valentine’s

Daddy was on assignment… no really. Mandatory DD for a photo!

Happy Valentine’s, Team Naaman. Hoping you all enjoyed some Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day!) fun.

Naaman continued PT this week with Miss Emily.  His stamina has been good but still working on the same weakness in his legs and tightness in his ankles.  Honestly, it will be like this through all of treatment, and that’s why we go to PT! He likes putting stickers on his homework chart, which currently includes going up and down the steps, doing bear crawls, kicking a ball, and stretching his calves.  It’s cute and sad that he has been asking us to stretch him when he feels too tight!

Thursday he had IV chemo in clinic and counts were good enough to resume the planned oral chemo meds at home.

One funky thing in his labs was a super high ANC (it’s 11,000 and he has been more like 1,000 or less during maintenance).  You’ve heard us talk about low ANC making him “neutropenic” and he ends up on lockdown at home.  Very high ANC happens, too, and the doctor explained it just means he is fighting something off, like another virus. Hopefully, he keeps fighting it off and no fevers or other symptoms landing us in the ER. Code D, full house; we would like to stay home!

Stay tuned – lots of Team Naaman news headed your way!

There’s a whole lot going on and we don’t want it to get lost in a very long post.  Check out social media @TeamNaaman, and your blog posts delivered to your inbox in the next few days.

Softball, cycling, and more.  Be well, Team Naaman!


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