Count check OK

Good Saturday morning, Team Naaman.  I hope you are curled up with the Today show and coffee (that is still hot) like me. This is an extremely rare occurrence and I’m basking in it.

Anyway, we are here for updates! Naaman had a count check on Thursday.  WBC down, but everything else still okay.  We are on edge over here with so much flu and respiratory illness going around, but trying to stay positive.  That being said, Naaman has a fresh new cold and cough.  Hand-washing, sanitizing surfaces, and avoiding big crowds.

News! If you follow us on social media, you may have seen our post from Resilience Gives.  Click to view here.  The #toetotoe contest is running though 3/27, and the team with the most mentions on social media wins a matching donation. You can still purchase adorable socks (hint: valentine’s) from the #toetotoe collection of slipper socks and regular sport or casual socks, too.  Visit  Jake and Lexi, co-owners are really awesome people, and we love spreading their message wherever we can.

Stay tuned…

More news on the horizon.  The coffee has gone cold and my quiet spot has been discovered.  Happy Weekend, everyone!

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