Hello, Team Naaman. Looks like Cheeky isn’t quite done with respiratory illnesses just yet. He developed a new cold and cough that was worsening. We were just in clinic yesterday for a count check (down, but no transfusion needed), but he worsened further. When we went in today, he had a nebulizer treatment and a chest Xray.  They confirmed he has bacterial pneumonia.  Luckily, he will have ten days of antibiotics and can go nebulizer treatments at home. Now we can earn our badge for learning yet another piece of medical equipment at home.  JK.  We are grateful to treat him at home and just keep him comfy and Chlorox it up around the house. While he is home and we feel hopeful, it’s really important he stays healthy and the pneumonia goes away.  Please pray nothing spreads or worsens, and the antibiotics do their job!

3 thoughts on “Pneumonia”

  1. Praying now. Thank you for the honor to pray for Naaman and your family. Tough guy is going to be better soon. Enjoy lots of bone broth, rest and Veggie Tales! Please give Nadine and Naaman a big hug for us.

  2. Praying for that precious little guy right now and getting our prayer teams to pray too. Blessings on all of you right now! Love you!

  3. It’s so good to know and self assuring that when you put your trust and faith in Jesus he always comes through so my prayer for Cheeky today is that the good Lord above will continue to hover over him keep them safe keep him illness free continue to strengthen our faith in the Almighty Lord, you are powerful you are loving our healer our redeemer in Jesus name we pray

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