Yale New Haven Hospital Christmas Fun: All the stuff we were too sick to do last year!

Now that Cheeky’s fever has passed and counts are more stable, it’s been Christmas Party Town for the Johnsons.  Last Sunday, we went to the Tommy Fund Christmas party: Santa, presents, dancing, food, hot chocolate, and friends.  We weren’t able to attend the party last year, as Naaman was in the hospital with a fever and virus.  Cheeky and Deanie had a blast and loved seeing the doctors and their friends without hospital gowns. :)  A huge thank you to the Tommy Fund, and also the West Haven Italian Club where it was held.  We had to pry them off of the dance floor. Check out our social media pages for some videos and more photos.


And the Yale New Haven Christmas Tree Lighting! Each year a pediatric patient is chosen to light the tree (one at St. Raphael and one at Yale), and this year Nadine and Naaman were picked to light up York street at Yale.  A big chunk of Naaman’s team was able to make it: doctors, nurses, child life, social work, and even Hole in the Wall gang.  Cheeky and Deanie lit up the outdoor trees and then played indoors in the lobby for a while.  If you happen to work or be passing through the area, it really is so beautiful on the streets and inside YNHH.  (SShhh, the kids don’t know it yet but Yale gave the kids a Kindle Fire tablet for Christmas!) Check out Yale’s Facebook post about the event: YNHH  We will share any more media they post, too.  It was a huge honor to be chosen!

Stay warm, Team Naaman! Cozy up in your penguin socks, and visit Resilience.gives to grab more cozy penguin socks for people on your list! xx

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