Moving on from the first chemo hold in Maintenance

Hi, Team Naaman.  There were many cheesy ideas for a witty title to this post (think word play on “more” and “chemo” and “hold” as in “hold up”), but don’t worry; we spared you the cheese.

Naaman has been on a chemo hold for a few weeks, which means his counts were too low to take his chemo meds.  He takes chemo meds daily at home, and on certain days, he gets chemo through IV or into his spine in the clinic.  Depending in the cycle he is in, the minimum counts vary. He’s had a virus keeping his numbers low, and giving him a fever from Friday to last night.  It’s been sleepless in the Johnson house.  Just when you think you couldn’t sleep less, you do! Naaman is impressive like that.

Today, Naaman was high enough to resume chemo. He received his IV chemo in clinic, started up steroids, started up chemo (including the clinical trial drug) at home.  He’s going to feel pretty lousy, and still has a nasty cough, but hoping the virus is on its way out.

There’s TONS of events going on, and we will try our best not to miss a thing on the blog.  Stay in touch on social media @TeamNaaman for more frequent updates.  The latest to add…

Tuesday 12/3 @4:00 – Christmas tree lighting at Yale New Haven Hospital.  Naaman and Nadine were chosen to light the tree! An incredible honor. Come watch.

Saturday 12/21 @9:00-1:00 – Photos with Santa at Bagelicious in North Haven.  Awesome friends put this event together and it will be adorable! Yummy menu and raffle baskets, too.  

I am certain I’ve missed something, so apologies in advance, given that we haven’t sleep properly since January 2017.  Thanks everyone for continued support and prayer! xx

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