Cheeky the Penguin does Halloween in clinic

Cheeky and Deanie did Halloween in style this year. Always the opportunist, Nadine was a cheetah-cat-bird.  Naaman had a few costume changes:

Naaman had an appointment in clinic for a count check on Halloween. Conveniently on Halloween, as the pediatric oncology staff really do up the holidays for the kids! Naaman started the day as SuperWhy, a throwback costume if anyone remembers Nadine a few years ago.  When we arrived at clinic, they had a penguin costume waiting for him:

Fortunately, he wasn’t hooked up to an IV yet when another penguin from the nutrition staff waddled in, because he sprang up and ran across the room, crying “There’s a big penguin!”  Project Sunshine had crafts, nutrition had snacks, all the staff were in costume – definitely making the day brighter for the patients who had to be there.

On a more serious note, Naaman’s hemoglobin had dropped further (it’s been doing down for a few weeks) and we aren’t sure why.  He had a blood transfusion, so we were there for the day.  We will need to come back next week, too.  What stinks about low hemoglobin, aside from overall health reasons, is that it makes his energy low.  He wasn’t allowed to participate in PT again on Monday and he was so tired he slept through gymnastics on Tuesday.  We tried taking him places to play or go walking during the week, but he just wants to play a little and then be held.  Some of you have seen him rolling on a burst of energy, though! When Naaman is feeling up to it, he certainly is running and playing like a crazy two year old boy.

Hopefully next week, his blood counts will show the hemoglobin catching back up.  He also has a meeting for Birth to Three transitioning into public schools, since his third birthday is on the horizon… if you can believe that! We will have more news next week.

And last but not least…

In case you missed in on social media, check out Naaman and three other Resilience Gives designers!  Click here to view a preview for the upcoming Toe-to-Toe Tour.  Resilience Gives Toe-to_toe Tour!    Many of you are sporting Cheeky’s Penguins socks.  There is a new comfy, cozy, adorable slipper sock out that I love for a few reasons. 

  1. For every pair you purchase, a child with cancer and his or her parent receives a pair.
  2. The design was inspired by Cheeky’s love of penguins, and Nadine’s signature is on the packing.  Their first gig!
  3. The bottoms have treads so you don’t have to worry about slipping around in them.  Naaman can only wear socks with treads, so these are perfect for toddlers and clumsy adults.
  4. Unlike other slipper socks, I find these very comfortable, and the design is really unique.

We will surely be sharing more info here and on social media, so stay tuned.  If you haven’t already, follow @ResilienceGives on social media or search #sockswithsoul  #toetotoe, or visit  

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