Believe in Tomorrow

Hello, Team Naaman, and Happy Post-Election Day. Hopefully, you educated yourself and went out and voted yesterday. Check our social media for cute Mr. Naaman after we voted and visited the bake sale.


Naaman went to clinic today for a count check after his low hemoglobin and blood transfusion last Thursday.  The great news is that his hemoglobin is up to a nice 10.4 and the cultures from some serious viruses came back negative.  However, his ANC dropped to 100 and platelets are down to 69.  The important number is that ANC of 100, though, because it means he must hold all chemo until he gets over 500.  There’s nothing we can do to boost his ANC, but we can prevent it from dropping to zero by keeping him healthy.

All the fun stuff our oncologist has urged us to do (rightfully so) is now on hold. No gymnastics, no indoor play area at McDonald’s, etc.  Naaman has to stay away from all sick people, even just a cold.  Brings back memories of Winter 2018! Outdoors is a great place to play, which leads to our next cheerful point…


Friday morning we leave for Ocean City, MD to stay in a respite vacation home provided by Believe in Tomorrow. FREE.  We can rest assured knowing the place is kept spotless and germ-free, since it is specifically for families of children with cancer.  Yes, it will be 50 degrees at best in Ocean City, but it’s a change of scenery and autumn outdoors in Maryland sounds gorgeous.  Organizations like Believe in Tomorrow help make everything better.  Check them out at! Stay tuned for sunny family photos from our trip.  And yes, we have DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware set in our GPS in case of emergency!

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