The Amazing Spider-Man!


Look who showed up at our house! Nadine and Naaman were in awe when they saw the one and only real Spider-Man walk out onto our patio! Nadine took a gazillion pictures with her Instax mini camera  (like a Polaroid) and filled up her album, even sharing one with Spidey.  They were beside themselves! Naaman sobbed, “Spidey come back,” when it was finally time for Spider-Man to return to duty.

Grown-ups only, read on.  A fellow member of New Life Church, Scott Lockman, is the very authentic Spider-Man who made the kids’ day. We know how awesome and real he was, because when Nadine saw Scott in his regular clothes after Spidey departed, she told him, “You just missed Spider-Man! He was here! At our house!”

We are so grateful every day for the incredible generosity coming from all corners of the globe, and the Spider-Verse.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man!”

  1. This is so cool. Nadine hugging him brought a tear to my eye. Thank you “Spidey” for taking time off from fighting villains to visit my grandchildren! That is real super hero stuff!

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