Team Naaman Shield Gear is now an online store!

Quick read:

  • Bonfire now has an online store for Team Naaman Shield gear! Visit
  • We now carry children’s sizes (although not baby sizes).
  • There’s no deadline, just order away!

We are honored and touched by the requests for Shield gear! Thank you everyone for your love and support. We use the site Bonfire for the apparel, and they have a cool feature that once you know your items will be in demand (sell a certain number), you are able to open an online store.  In this manner, the campaign will open back up every time anyone orders something.  What exactly does this mean? Order apparel whenever you want, and it will be produced and shipped to you! Now this is not Amazon next-day service; you will need to wait for production.  Nonetheless, you no longer have to worry too much about missing out.  We will give warning if we are going to change up the shop in case someone was procrastinating about an order.  Also, we plan to add items seasonally, such as racer-back tanks for the spring/summer.  Any small items (i.e. baby onesies, toddler shirts, winter beanie hats) weren’t possible for now, as the logo needed to be sized down to an appropriate ratio.  Of course, a giant shield wouldn’t fit on a hat! In time, we will hopefully get to that, too.  FYI, Neil designed the logo himself. <3

Visit and check it out! Nadine is pretty excited to pick herself out a pink T or purple long-sleeve T, although the children’s sizes may be just a bit big for her tiny self.  We will share picks once we know what the kid size looks like on her!  Contact us anytime if you need help with an order. :)assa

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