‘Roiding on


Naaman is rounding out another steroid pulse, and the rest of us are looking forward to it passing.  We are trying to stay focused on one day (or rather simply the next five minutes) at a time, because thinking of these steroid pulses repeating until end of treatment makes us want to hide in the basement.  Fortunately, he’s been a good little guy when friends have come over and in his class at Kid Church on Sundays.  He’s a beastie.  Quick, violent hunger rages, attacking his sister, waking at all hours, crying/whining for hours on and off and even he isn’t sure why. We have heard from parents of older kids with A.L.L. that their kids stay home from school during steroid week, since they just feel like a ball of garbage.

What’s on the menu these days?

  1. “Thomas” (hummus, but don’t you dare call it that). Yes, he straight up eats hummus with a spoon.
  2. Pasta with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese
  3. Naked juice.  He will tolerate Bolthouse Farms, as well.
  4. Spiderman waffles
  5. Whatever is in your bowl.  He doesn’t want some put into his bowl. He will eat some from your bowl and ensure he either destroys your food or at least ruins your dining experience.

The good thing is with his mercurial food preferences, some days we get in some interesting tastes like curry chicken.  Additionally, the aggressive hunger drops off a day or two after steroids finish, at which point we actually have to give him an appetite stimulant to make him eat!

Don’t forget your Team Naaman Shield gear!

Sales close at 1:00 a.m. ET tonight, so get your gear now. I can’t wait to rock my crew neck sweatshirt like it’s 1996.

Thanks for the prayers and messages, Team Naaman! He is one loved little dude.



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  1. I can’t help but laugh with your posts you are quite the comedian! I know things aren’t easy but I’m happy to see you haven’t lost your sense of humor. We love you guys SO much and are praying for healing and for peace in the midst of roid rage.

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