Belated chemo update

We made it. Cycle Two of Long-term Maintenance! Phew. Last Thursday, Naaman made counts to begin this next round which included IV chemo and also intrathecal (into spine) chemo.  Before the IV chemo and LP, they also noticed his blood sugar was down to 50 so they gave him some sugars to get back up to 90. He has had a cold, and was already “off” the day before but he usually doesn’t have low blood sugar. No one was worried, as they pointed out he had been fasting; it’s just never happened before in the million times he’s had to fast before a procedure.  Hopefully, his sugars remain normal.  He fell asleep after they accessed his port, stayed asleep after his procedure, and was generally lethargic and quiet for the rest of the day.  At this juncture in his chemo protocol, doses were increased.  He’s still less energetic, more clingy, and shows more general malaise, but definitely pepped up since Thursday.  (He was certainly cheerful in the cafe at church Sunday!)

He continues PT, and will head back to clinic in a week and a half to check his counts out. Praying for increased energy, no surprises, and counts to stay up!

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  1. Poor baby. I hope he is doing better. We are thinking of you and praying for healing. We love you. Nonni and Papa.

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