PT and NG tube updates

A busy week for little Chico. Today he had physical therapy, which he loves.  We sometimes wonder if we should just come to Long Wharf (the outpatient hospital) ahead of his appointment because he loves it.  When we pull in the parking lot, he says, “Mama I want go in ‘dere.” It’s a large medical building so there are many passers-by, and he loves greeting everyone.  One of his favorite medical techs from clinic also works in the rehab office at Long Wharf, so he is also happy to see Miss Angel. There are volunteers with coloring and stickers, as well as a movie always on the big TV.  I think you can see why he loves PT just from the perks of going.  He also is really motivated to work during sessions.  His goals are to strengthen weakness on the right side as well as stretch out muscles that have grown tight, all side effects of chemo medication.  Up and down stairs, kicking, flexing his feet, and stretching calves and quads.  We are hoping he continues progress, but the meds do what they do, and he could need some orthotics to help.

Cheeky has made some good gains with the NG tube.  Slowly but surely, he can now tolerate his meds by mouth.  The secret is to mix crushed meds with Naked juice, as they are thicker and really bold fruit flavor.  There were times when he gagged, vomited, or spit out the meds mixed with Naked juice but right now he is getting them down! Starting Sunday, we are on a trial off tube feeds to see how he does. Since he is on steroids this week, his hunger is pretty wild meaning we won’t know immediately if he can stay off for good. Nonetheless, this gives us some hope that tube-free life is on the horizon.

Please keep praying for Cheeky, specifically to keep eating and taking his meds, and to minimize the effects of his chemo meds.  He is one tough little guy.

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  1. God bless you Naaman and all your family and helpers. I pray you are able to eat tube free very soon. Naked may not be the best choice, but better than most. There are frozen organic or natural options one could just blend, perhaps. My daughter has her degree in dietetic technology. I was just wondering.

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