Looking flashy!

Look who’s flashy with a fresh, tape-free face! (And yes, that’s some cute hair growing in.)  Naaman has been taking meds by mouth and has been eating enough to gain some weight with decreased tube feeds.  He’s earned himself NG tube removal today!

We are beyond excited to see his face again without the dressing.  It’s going to take some getting used to for us (not him) because we did so many things to accommodate him, like zip or button up shirts and being extremely careful washing him in the tub.  Now we can pull the shirt over his head and let him splash in the tub!

It’s still a bit probationary, as he has a steroid pulse (five days of steroids) this past week.  It makes him eat more; however he has been trending to eat more and feel less nauseous (with meds of course) so we are hopeful.  That means we can hang Foxy on the shelf, but not quite pass her on to someone else yet.  Thank you God for answered prayer.

3 thoughts on “Looking flashy!”

  1. Thank you Jesus! I’m so glad he’s able to do more and happy you don’t have to worry it falling out anymore 😀

  2. Beyond grateful and somewhat emotional because God is so good he never fails to come through! continued prayers for cheeky mom dad and sis he is faithful to those who claim his promises let’s continue to believe and trust for his timing is perfect! Thank you for these updates because they bring so much encouragement! Lots of love ! ☺️

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