We are just hoping Naaman has entered “beastmode” as an outward demonstration of his inner superhero fight against cancer every day… because he’s nuts. He is 2, and toddlers do what they do.  With Naaman, there’s always the wondering (fear) if it’s more than a tantrum.  Is he in pain? Does he just feel like garbage today? Is he hungry but not in the mood to eat?

Fortunately I (Mama) am with him most of his waking hours, and therefore know when he’s not himself.  Today seemed to be a combination of smaller bit of angry toddler and larger bit of methotrexate effects.  Thursdays he gets methotrexate at home and we notice he is not quite Naaman Thursday or Friday.  It could be in our heads.  Still, we have the qualitative data to back it up!  This week overall he’s been turning beast on us, so please pray for the little guy – and for loads and loads of patience for us parents! And his sister who dodged a bite this morning very skillfully.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Cheeky has become the Hulk. We are praying for you all. Sometimes we forget how much his disease spills over onto all of the family. You and Neil are doing a great job. Keep reminding yourself of that. We may have to start calling Deanie the “Artful Dodger”. We love you!

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