Avengers in the garden

Captain America and Captain Marvel descended on the clinic today, stopping at the Healing Garden on the way out with some friends for much needed play after a long, chaotic day.  Cheeky had an LP and chemo, and also needed his NG tube switched out.  (It’s good to change the tube out periodically, as they wear like anything does, but also his tube has been clogging daily.  We are becoming tube-trouble-shooting pros.)  The procedure and chemo went smoothly but the NG tube didn’t.  After much ado and an X-ray to confirm, his new NG tube was in place.  Although Nadine was very well-behaved, a HUGE shout-out to the staff and volunteers at Smilow for keeping the patients and siblings happy.

What’s next? Naaman continues his first round of maintenance with outpatient chemo, which includes weekly or biweekly clinic visits and lots of chemo meds at home.  He also keeps up outpatient PT and his exercises at home.  We keep him healthy and keep praying he eats more.

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  1. Love Cheeky’s pose! He’s ready to fight and he is a real fighter!! Love you all and pray for you continually!

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