August 2019


We are just hoping Naaman has entered “beastmode” as an outward demonstration of his inner superhero fight against cancer every day… because he’s nuts. He is 2, and toddlers do what they do.  With Naaman, there’s always the wondering (fear) if it’s more than a tantrum.  Is he in pain? Does he just feel like […]

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Looking flashy!

Look who’s flashy with a fresh, tape-free face! (And yes, that’s some cute hair growing in.)  Naaman has been taking meds by mouth and has been eating enough to gain some weight with decreased tube feeds.  He’s earned himself NG tube removal today! We are beyond excited to see his face again without the dressing. 

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PT and NG tube updates

A busy week for little Chico. Today he had physical therapy, which he loves.  We sometimes wonder if we should just come to Long Wharf (the outpatient hospital) ahead of his appointment because he loves it.  When we pull in the parking lot, he says, “Mama I want go in ‘dere.” It’s a large medical

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Avengers in the garden

Captain America and Captain Marvel descended on the clinic today, stopping at the Healing Garden on the way out with some friends for much needed play after a long, chaotic day.  Cheeky had an LP and chemo, and also needed his NG tube switched out.  (It’s good to change the tube out periodically, as they

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