Softball Tourney

First and Second place teams!

Congrats to Softball Jamboree winners, “Chickson,” and to everyone who came out. Pictured here are the first and second place winners. Big shout and thanks to Al Lavigne for organizing, despite weather obstacles! A special thanks to our pastor, Will Marotti, for use of the fields at our gorgeous New Life Church campus.  Team Naaman is grateful all around. Naaman is so blessed by you all. We are in awe!  (Check out more, and higher-quality, pics on the Facebook page here : link to page)

Quick update:  Cheeky will start the next phase of chemo next Wednesday, save any drops in counts or other health changes. This next phase is called maintenance and goes on for round after round. It’s different for everyone, and can be fairly smooth or fairly rough. We are praying he is dealt the fairly smooth path.  However, this phase means he starts back up steroids and his clinical trial drug.  Please pray for nausea and overall sick feeling to subside so he can eat 100% by mouth again and get this NG tube out! The NG tube dressing continues to throw salt in his summer game.

Be well, Team Naaman, and thank you as always for your love and support.  Hoping for a fun-filled holiday weekend for everyone coming up.

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