Fun times for Cheeky

Lots of ups and downs for Cheeky, but when he isn’t so nauseous or in pain, he is on the move.  He wants to run faster than his feet can keep up! Hiking in the back carrier (we have a super comfy Kinderpack carrier), riding in the bike trailer, playing in the yard, running around the house.  He is one wild little boy.

Not to mention famous! Word of Cheeky spread all the way to Captain America who sent some goodies. Thanks, Cap 😉

Tomorrow (Monday) he is scheduled for a LP (lumbar puncture) and chemo, provided he makes counts.  Praying he does so that we aren’t set further behind schedule.

Meet Foxy…

I love anything that makes life with cancer (or other medical needs) better. Why sweat over the cumbersome IV pole or ridiculously huge adult backpack when you can have a cute toddler size Fox bag?! We found these customized bags on Etsy by LaluCompany for less than the cost of an adult bag through the medical supply company.  Naaman loves Foxy and carries him around the house. He said “hurts” when he tried wearing the bag on his back, as the pump is a few pounds and probably tough for him.  Nonetheless, he happily carried Foxy around, even when the pump wasn’t running. Win!

2 thoughts on “Fun times for Cheeky”

  1. Mirta (aka) Milti

    Love the pics! Especially the captain America where Cheeky has his mouth open in amazement! I’m amazed at the strength and truly am grateful for the love of God in your lives! True testament that He is in control! My continued prayers & love being sent ur way!

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