Change to chemo plan

Hello, Team Naaman. Cheeky is on the mend from his stomach virus. All of the cultures for more serious issues (i.e. malabsorption, C-diff) have come back negative, and he has been fever free.  He is still struggle with his tube feeds, and we are on a new plan to get him to tolerate them.  It’s tricky to find the right rate and volume to get the calories in but also not upset his tummy. Vomit is not the easiest odor to get rid off! Yikes.

Today was a clinic day, with scheduled chemo. His counts were high enough for chemo with the except of some questionably high liver levels.  Our team made the decision to not administer the last methotrexate dose due today in order to give Naaman’s liver  a chance to recover further.  Additionally, he has mucositis (painful sores) in his mouth and we presume all through his tract, since we can’t see inside of him, causing pain and likely the difficulty eating by mouth.  A chemo break will also help with the nausea, again affecting his eating by mouth.

Naaman needed an ultrasound of his liver to be sure the liver disease hasn’t worsened.  After a long day in clinic, the ultrasound looked good, he had some fluids, the nurse changed his NG tube dressing on his face (which Neil and I can successfully do at home now, too- woot woot) and had a new feeding plan we pray works out.  Now we hang tight and let him heal up.  By early July, he should be done with Interim Maintenance 2 and getting himself ready for the Maintenance phase.

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  1. Praising God for this report! Thanking Jesus for continued healing, resilience, emotions, family time, for His Devine provision! May you all continue to sense His presence! Love always, Mirta ❤️

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