Frequent flyer card for the ER

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend, especially those in the northeast where we had beautiful weather.  We are happy to report that Naaman did get to play outside and splash in the water table, but not without some hiccups along the way.

Saturday all four Johnsons went to Smilow for a direct admission – that means straight to the oncology floor – for chemo. We were there about 4-5 hours, and everyone had food truck lunch, played, watched a movie, and then had a nice IKEA visit and walk on Long Wharf.

Saturday evening was another story. His NG tube got plugged up when I was pushing his meds in, and none of the tricks were working (thanks to our neighbor, Gerry for showing up with some Coke).  We (Naaman and Mama) went to the ER to replace the NG, which means take out the old, insert the new, get an X-ray to check it is in his stomach correctly, and get home.

We got home around midnight, and sure enough, his NG tube was clogged already! We spoke to on call, and decided to go to bed for a few hours and see what the big doctors in the morning advised.

Sunday around 6:30 am, our doctor called and said to come on back, so we spent the day in the ER switching out the NG again.  This time we wised up and were sure to administer meds and even run a feed to be sure everything worked.  All set.

We survived Monday with no ER visits (hooray).  Tomorrow (Tuesday) is a check at clinic and check on Thursday, too. Chemo the following week.

Keep Naaman in your prayers! We would love nothing more than for him to eat and take his meds by mouth so we can get this sucker out.  Penguin also wishes he can get his NG out.

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