Chemo updates and weekend plans

Hello, Team Naaman! Cheeky is hangin’ tough through this phase of chemo, which is called Interim Maintenance 2. Normally, this phase would involve more scheduled admissions to the hospital, but since he in on the clinical trial drug, he has to just make counts and get his chemo in clinic.  The amount of methotrexate increases with each dose (which he will get every 10 days), depending if he makes counts (platelets and ANC good).  Thursday he was well enough for methotrexate and vincristine, so he got those and came home. The plan now is:

  • Chemo every 10 days, counts pending
  • Clinic for a check up, if no chemo, on Mondays and Thursdays, and possible blood or platelet transfusions
  • Continue chemo meds and liver meds at home
  • This phase for 57 days, assuming there are no holds to wait for count recovery.

In a rare moment of actual eating, Cheeky ate a cheese stick at clinic. I thought I packed them and forgot, but his doctor, Dr. Kadan, saved the day!

Cheeky isn’t eating or drinking much, although he is able to eat and drink. He is incredibly nauseous, and we are working on a plan for his meds and the tube feedings to help prevent how uncomfortable he is.  As of now, he has a continuous tube feed overnight while he sleeps and nausea meds throughout the day.  Every morning he is vomiting and not finishing the feed, not to mention it must feel awful. He doesn’t typically vomit the rest of the day, but sometimes does, and dry heaves. Hoping to have good news on that soon!


If you live in CT, please join our party on Friday 5/17!

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If you live in Rochester, NY, please join the party for a friend of mine from high school, Alicia Healy (nee Thompson), also battling cancer, on 5/19! Visit her site by clicking here.

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  1. Ugh, that Vincristine is rough stuff. It used to make me very sick. So sick in fact that it’s the only of the 3 drugs I remember. Poor little guy. I’m glad you guys at least get little breaks at home. Always praying.

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