May 2019

Frequent flyer card for the ER

We hope you enjoyed the long weekend, especially those in the northeast where we had beautiful weather.  We are happy to report that Naaman did get to play outside and splash in the water table, but not without some hiccups along the way. Saturday all four Johnsons went to Smilow for a direct admission – […]

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Chemo updates and weekend plans

Hello, Team Naaman! Cheeky is hangin’ tough through this phase of chemo, which is called Interim Maintenance 2. Normally, this phase would involve more scheduled admissions to the hospital, but since he in on the clinical trial drug, he has to just make counts and get his chemo in clinic.  The amount of methotrexate increases

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A bumpy transition home

Yes, that’s right: Cheeky is home.  Hooray! After seven weeks and one day, his bilirubin was low enough to come home. Why did it take so long to tell us this good news? It wasn’t the smoothest transition home, which took the wind out of the sails of our celebration plans.  Friday’s discharge to home

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