Update from “Smile” Cancer Hospital

As Nadine adorably calls it, “Smile” Cancer Hospital (Smilow). Too cute to correct.

Mr. Naaman has busy days, filled with therapy, naps, and medicine, squeezing in play and books whenever he has the energy.  He has respiratory therapy to help his breathing (soft banging on his chest with a cup basically), occupational therapy, and physical therapy. He can’t sit up or stand, but he is getting better at holding his head up and sitting for short bits with assistance.  We are working on grabbing things, throwing, kicking, moving his feet/ankles, rolling, turning pages of a book, etc.  He tires out very quickly, and has been known to doze off in the blink of an eye.

He is tolerating tube feeds through his NG tube (through nose to stomach), and if he keeps up the good work, the NJ (nose to intestines) can come out.  The big news is that he can tolerate small amounts of water, so we can give him a syringe with 1-2 mL of water at a time.  He loves pouches or applesauce and is able to do a little self-feeding.  We have to slow him down, though, because he gets overzealous and vomits.  Naaman is one motivated little dude, and it is fueling his progress.

His liver is the biggest concern, pun intended. His bilirubin levels have gone down and the blood is able to flow through the liver again, but it’s still very large and not functioning at 100%.  His medicine is doing its job, it just take a very long time to heal, and has to be administered at the hospital. He can go home with a feeding tube (like we have before), but the liver and respiratory issues keep him here.

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