The “Healthy” Kid in the PICU

There he is: the “healthy” kid in the PICU. In a rare moment of engagement, he saw his Captain American mask and motioned for me to put it on him.  He is trialing no oxygen, has just five lines in him, still in the thick of liver disease, and withdrawal from sedation… believe it or not, one of the “healthier” kids in the PICU. This comes with mixed emotions. Happy to be out of critical condition, sad to watch the rooms around us take turns being the critical case, antsy to be transferred to the oncology floor.

While Naaman no longer needs a 1:1 nurse, nursing is still very attentive and he has lots of “drive-by” visitors (other staff who hear he is awake and want to catch a glimpse of the cutie pie).  Today is a better day in terms of getting the weaning under control, and trialing no oxygen. Same symptoms as yesterday, but no fevers (yet – hoping not at all).  I think there is nothing left in there to vomit, really.  Still not ready to sit up,  talk, eat or drink. Heading to the edge of the woods. xx

4 thoughts on “The “Healthy” Kid in the PICU”

  1. Woowoo! Hallelujah and praises to our God! This is great news! Lots of people are praying for this super guy. We love you all. 🙂

  2. So much love and hope for you all and petition to the One who knows all you are going through. Love and mercy to that sweet sweet boy.

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