April 2019

Heading into week seven…

Cheeky still needs enough care that the safest place to be is here at Smilow. We had hoped he would be well enough to start chemo last Thursday and be done with the liver meds, but alas, here we are. His bilirubin went up (insignificantly) which is keeping him on the meds to be sure […]

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The Healing Garden

With the exception of icy days where the path was blocked by snow or was too slippery, our hospital stays have been made brighter by visiting the Healing Garden which is on our floor at Smilow.  It’s available for patients and visitors for in and outpatient to come get fresh air, pray, cry, whatever one

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend, Team Naaman! Naaman is slowly but surely heading in the right direction. Liver levels continue to improve, he has been needing oxygen infrequently, and belly is starting to go down. His belly had swelled as large as it was at the onset of his liver disease, but it was due to gas

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