Resting and healing in the PICU

Naaman is resting and healing up in the PICU. You can see in the photo his trusty penguin is by his side.  He has his Disney stuffies all around him and artwork from Nadine hanging on the walls.  A full photo is a little overwhelming to see, as he currently has many lines hooked up, as well as the breathing tube, NG tube, and drain from his belly. But his cute little toe with the blood oxygen monitor!

He is still asleep with a morphine drip for his comfort but also to allow a chance to recover. He has fluids, albumin for proteins, meds for his liver, and now a little total parenteral nutrition (TPN) for some “food” coming in. The team feels good about where his levels are right now overall, even though the numbers could get worse before they get completely better.  The breathing tube will stay in until enough fluid is off his liver to allow the lungs and kidneys to be normal, so at least not coming out today.

They still predict at least several weeks in the hospital, in order to liver to recover and ensure overall he is tolerating everything. Naaman’s team has been awesome, keeping us updated on changes and improvements. The nurse especially are tireless and adore him. Between social work and the child life department, they are taking care of us parents, too.  The PICU has at least improved their coffee since our last stay, and it’s not our first rodeo. (I don’t mean to brag, but I pack an awesomely complete hospital bag.)

Thanks for keeping Cheeky in prayer, and staying on the sunny side with us. While this is a critical point in his care, he really is in the best place and is getting excellent treatment.

6 thoughts on “Resting and healing in the PICU”

  1. What a brave little man and family too!! We serve an AWESOME God who IS THE GOD OF MIRACLES! I will add you.”Cheeky”, family and ALL medical team to my daily prayers. Rest in the knowledge, that our Father is the GREAT PHYSICIAN!!
    God bless you

  2. Thank you for keeping us updated and for your amazing positive strength! I will, along many many others will continue to pray for Cheeky’s complete recovery. Yes he is in the best place and in the place hands of our dear Lord!

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