Quick update

Cheeky was supposed to have today off, since he just had transfusions yesterday at the hospital. However, he had rashes of tiny red dots (called petechiae), clumps of blood coming out of his nose, and a trace of blood in his diaper.  Needless to say, we went into clinic and his platelets were even lower than yesterday! He used them up and then some.

He had another transfusion in clinic, and almost earned an admission. (Look away, those faint of heart….. I’ll proceed.)

He wouldn’t stop bleeding from his port all day, or even after they removed it. He bled through two shirts today. Between the rashes and dried blood, he looks like he just finished fighting 12 rounds. Finally, we did another blood draw to see his levels were OK enough to go home until tomorrow.  He is cleaned up and home, and will just go back in the morning to check his levels again.

Thanks for prayer, Team Naaman!

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