New drain put in

To relieve some fluid around his lungs, Naaman has a drain put in on the right side of his chest.  The fluid puts a strain on his lungs, kidneys, liver – everything – so getting the excess out should help him heal.

Overnight a fleeting fever, and another today when he got platelets. It’s not uncommon for people to have a reaction to getting blood or platelets (i.e. fever, rash), and he will likely just get a little Bendryl before the next transfusion.  Sometimes they also just match the donor blood type to recipient blood type for platelet transfusion. Wondering how blood donor to recipient matches are made? Click here

Hoping for no more adventures today.  Prognosis is still variable, but one things is for sure: Naaman will remain in the ICU for about one month, followed by about one month on the oncology unit.  Thank you for meals and cards and all the well-wishes. xx

5 thoughts on “New drain put in”

  1. Nicole,
    It was good to see you in church yesterday! My heart goes out to you and your family. You are in my prayers.
    Much love,
    Elizabeth Muth

  2. Shirley Kowalewski

    All sounds very difficult and taxing but I am sure it will be fine in the end. We have you covered in prayers. Aunt Shirley & Uncle Joe

  3. Nicole- you are so amazing and strong. Sending beautiful little Naaman and your whole family love and prayers. ❤️

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