Long stay in the PICU

Naaman went to clinic Thursday for more platelets; however they decided to admit him because he shouldn’t need platelets that many days in a row (Sunday-Thursday). After one sleepless, long night, he wasn’t eating or drinking and his belly had become huge and hard. We got switched over to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) because they determined his liver was swollen and surrounded by fluid. Lots of Xrays, CT scans, ultrasounds. He had surgery in IR (interventional radiology) to drain fluid and is sedated to keep him calm while he still has a breathing tube and some other things monitored. We will be in the hospital for at least a few weeks.

More information to come. It just keeps changing what we are hearing and it’s pretty demanding to stay on top of things in the PICU, so we will keep everyone updated as much as possible. Pray for fluid to clear, and overall strength for little Naaman. xxoo

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