Fluids, fluids, fluids

We will continue to post daily updates as best we can during these critical times for Cheeky so that family and friends can help support our favorite little Hulk. Today he wasn’t nearly as restless as the day prior, when he was chomping down on his breathing tube. His ammonia levels, while elevated are still not at a critical level thankfully. Let’s hope they stay that way!

It seems that as of now so much is about fluids and fluid balances to help support Naaman’s liver and let it heal.  Currently he’s been given a nutrition solution intravenously called TPN that contains necessary vitamins and minerals for his health. They would like, however, to have him digesting real “food”rather than just TPN. They’ve been giving very small doses of PediaSure and some medication through a feeding tube, however his body right now is not processing foods and they sit in his stomach. Their goal is to try to get his body to start digesting again, even just small amounts. Varying other factors may be at play as well and will be explored. 

Another factor is urine. His body needs to pee to get rid of excess fluid, however, they don’t want to introduce too much fluid because he will risk fluid collection again in his body. His urination slowed today so they will be increasing fluid slowly to maintain a delicate balance with the hope that the pee will return without over-stressing both the kidneys and liver. When you begin to understand all the mechanics at play in your body and the delicate balance that makes it function, it’s pretty amazing. 

Tomorrow, more of the same. The ever expanding medical team will review his progress and make very targeted recommendations based on his current progress. 

As always, thanks for thinking of our little guy. Appreciate the love and support. 

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