Daily clinic this week in lieu of admission

Cheeky recently had a drug (cytarabine) that sweeps out all of his platelets so they keep dropping like crazy. He’s had transfusions Sunday, Monday, and again today, with scheduled Wednesday (and probably Thursday) transfusions, too.  What was nice is that his doctor gave us the choice of being admitted, since he will most likely be in every day this week, OR sleep home and keep coming back to clinic every every.  Home with clinic is a better choice for us, given that it isn’t too far of a drive and he otherwise doesn’t need any specialized care.  I’d much rather be eating our normal food and sleeping our own beds!

What are platelets? Click here to find more info.

The one good, but precarious, thing is that the nurse left his port accessed so that we don’t have to take it out and put it back in tomorrow morning.  This saves me the drama of getting the lidocaine on him at home and restraining him while she accesses him, but we are a little nervous with the port access at home. He was eating dinner and suddenly noticed it was still in, and started pulling it. Nadine also keeps pulling the collar of his shirt to peek at it.  This should pass and he will stop using up platelets so quickly. Have a good week, Team Naaman. xx

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