X-ray yesterday

Cheeky normally goes to clinic every Thursday (and we are so impressed how many Team Naaman followers remember!) but today he skipped his visit, as he was there yesterday.

If poop makes you squeamish, read no further. We brought Cheeky in yesterday because he had diarrhea for a day or so and his tummy was distended (sticking out and hard). They did an X-ray of his abdomen to look for a blockage. Sometimes there can be a big blockage and it causes diarrhea and the swollen belly. Fortunately, they didn’t see a big blockage, but not much else could be done. He also had a royally disgusting red bum, which he did get a cream for.

So poor little Cheeky is chilling at home, with a little relief thanks to the cream on his bottom, but otherwise still has a big belly and diarrhea. Praying for this to clear up soon.

Plans for next week: Thursday is Day 29 to continue Delayed Intensification (DI) so he will go in for bloodwork on Wednesday. That way, we can be sure his counts are high enough to proceed Thursday morning, since he has to fast for the lumbar puncture. A fasting Cheeky is not a Cheeky you want to be around.

Lastly, mystery deliveries to the Johnson residence! We have received a giant box of Pirate Booty and (separately) Crayola crayons. We love them and would love to properly thank the sender, but no notes were inside the boxes. Mystery!

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