Deanie and Cheeky go to clinic

Notice who is double-fisting donuts and got the chemo chair to herself…

In light of the snow delay for school (more for the cold temps here than actual accumulation), Deanie got to play hooky and come to clinic with Cheeky. Donned in her Elsa dress, and he in his Avengers pajamas, they enjoyed some snacks and Barbie movies during chemo.

Counts were “good” ( aka no transfusions needed) and we will go back Monday to check his levels again. Thursday more chemo. Right now, we just check counts to see if he needs blood or platelets, and Day 29, counts matter to see if he can keep going for the second half of Delayed Intensification. (Today is Day 8 of Delayed Intensification, for anyone keeping tabs.)

Stay warm! When the snow clears, go give blood. Lots of blood drives have been cancelled or saw decreased numbers with this arctic blast. Check! And if you need incentive, $10 gift cards for donors right now. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the update Nicole. Little Naaman is on my prayer list every single day so like to keep up on what is going on and what to be specifically praying for. Hang in there with this soooo cold weather as it can’t make it any easier for him right now. Love you guys 🙂

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