Admission complete!

Naaman was admitted Thursday for his last of the scheduled inpatient chemo treatments. Just like last time, he did an excellent job: cleared the meds by Sunday and came home. He still has many many treatments to go, and will visit the hospital myriad times, however any future inpatient stays will be “surprises” (i.e. fever, extremely low counts, etc.). As usual, Naaman charmed the socks off of everyone and had them all wrapped around his finger. When he puts a sticker on a doctor or nurse, they wear it all day, and sometimes others get jealous and come knocking to ask him for a sticker. Pretty cute. (And thanks to Papa, now we know why the Spiderman stickers had pumpkins!)

The plan from here is to hang at home until clinic on Thursday, when he will have a blood draw to check his counts. Hopefully, they will be just fine, but otherwise, he’ll have a blood transfusion and/or platelets. He starts the next phase of treatment, Delayed Intensification, on the following Thursday, which involves steroid, so stay tuned for lots of fun hunger drama photos and anecdotes. Happy Three Kings, everyone!

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  1. Nicole thank you for taking us along on this journey! So beautiful your willingness to add energy to one more thing – share your life with us and allow us to be part of your journey! Know how much we all love you and pray for you all! Praise God you are not alone! Eph 3:16-19

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