The Best Admission Yet

Naaman is home sweet home. We got back around noon today, and have no scheduled admissions until 1/3/19 (2019 still doesn’t sound like a real year to me).  Thursday 12/27 he goes in for another LP, but that should be outpatient.

While no one wants to be in the hospital, we can say this was the best admission yet. He was admitted from the clinic, not the ER, so no stress or rushing. In the nick of time, his runny nose went away so he wasn’t given the Scarlet Letter of doom: the precautions sign on your door, prohibiting normal visitors and banishing us from the hallways. He cleared the methotrexate like a champ. Also he didn’t experience some of the side effects so severely this time because he had time to rest up and get his levels higher. For example, he gets this nasty diaper rash with each high dose methotrexate treament, and this time he just got a little red bottom that went away today. He was a bit clingy, but otherwise walking around on his own and not pointing to his legs saying “hurt.” In fact, he was running through the halls of the unit, saying “fast!” He did crafts with Hole in the Wall Gang and made friends with other 2 year olds in the playroom.

Here’s some cute ones from clinic, Naaman with one of his favorite volunteers practicing “ho-ho-ho,” and Miss Nadine living her best life with the tablet and snacks in a luxurious new chemo chair.

Some fun from inpatient: playing Dr Naaman on his dinosaur with one his favorite doctors, Dr. Vidya and sporting his cool new cap from his clinic buddy, Cole.

Merry Christmas from Team Naaman!

7 thoughts on “The Best Admission Yet”

  1. I’m thinking of all of you and hope that you had a nice Christmas. Let’s hope and pray that 2019 brings Naaman successful results. “Happy New Year” Love, Uncle Don.

  2. Merry Christmas Nicole and family! We have been doing an Advent devotional together and pray together after we finish it each morning Naaman and your family are on our daily prayer list. So glad to hear it went so well this time. Answer to prayer! Thank you God!! Have a blessed Christmas with your little cherubs. Love you guys! ⛄️

  3. What a great update! I love that he’s feeling well enough to be running around:) we love you!!! So happy you’ll be home for Christmas!

  4. I’m happy you will be home for Christmas! We pray for you all every day and we love you very much!! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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