Sickness and being locked down at inpatient

This was and still is (as Naaman as of this time is still in the hospital) a week of many ups and downs. While there were some positives, unfortunately they were offset by several serious issues that all of us encountered, forcing Naaman and family to stay at the hospital until we get the go ahead to leave. 

Naaman Inpatient December 2, 2018
Naaman playing Sunday after a long night

The ups

Clinic started off on a positive note with Naaman’s levels being high enough to begin another epic four day stay in the inpatient wing of YNHH. Naaman has been nursing a mild cold for a couple weeks and this carried into the cilnic but without any major fanfare on the first couple days. He was clingy and a little extra cranky but was in somewhat good spirits, being able to roam around the hospital and make lots of new friends. 

Another highlight was bringing Nadine to see Naaman at the hospital on Saturday. She had a great time playing with her cousin Joe and his girlfriend Anna in the playroom as well as seeing her brother and eating pizza. 

Another positive is that although he had a rough weekend overall, Naaman did clear the Methotrexate drug (the main point of the four day stay at clinic) right on schedule by early Sunday. 

The downs

On Saturday we saw an increase in Naaman’s crankiness and general lethargy.  During the late afternoon Naaman spiked a fever of 101.5. The staff took a blood test to determine the cause of the fever and thus the saga began. 

On Saturday Naaman would spike fevers throughout the night into Sunday, up to 104 degrees at one point. This combined with the continual presence of YNHH staff to check on him led to a sleep deprived night. 

 Early Sunday we were presented with some good info at rounds in which they determined the fever was caused by a somewhat common rhino virus and may still allow us to go home. The celebration was short lived however when Naaman spiked yet another fever and threw up in the morning, prompting a second round of blood cultures by the doctors to see if there is any bacterial infection. 

Naaman did show some signs of subtle improvement but he still remains restless and combined with being sequestered in the room during the diagnosis of a virus makes for a very bored child.  As of this writing we are still awaiting the blood culture report to determine the path forward and possible go home dates. Hoping for some good news!

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