Santa visit and a little break

We came home Tuesday for a short rest (muddled with TONS of stress trying to get his tube feeds set up), and back to clinic Thursday to see if Cheeky was ready for his next scheduled admission for treatment.  We didn’t have a real wish either way: a break would be nice, but waiting a week means edging closer to Christmas at Yale so could be better to get moving.  Well Cheeky’s platelets were high enough, but ANC was too low, so no admission.  The nursing staff was disappointed Cheeky wasn’t coming in, and we’ve always felt like they were just trying to be nice by saying that.  However, they called us in the clinic to make sure we didn’t miss what they had planned over in the inpatient unit: Santa and Mrs. Claus were visiting! There was a parade welcoming Naaman into the unit and gifts for all of us. It was overwhelmingly generous and fun for him. He ran right over saying “Santa,” and even let him pick him up.  We are always in awe of how generously people donate to the hospital. It really does make a difference to the kids and their families.

Not wanting to dampen the mood of this post, I’ll save updates on his feeding tube for later. All four Johnsons are under one roof, God willing, until next Thursday when we see if his levels are ready for the next admission for high dose methotrexate.

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  1. So cute with Santa and Mrs Claus. That is awesome that people volunteer and give like that!! Amazing people! Naaman has so many prayers going up for him and you guys do too. You are not in this alone. We love you all! Get some rest this week if that is possible.

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