And back again…

It’s going to be a rollercoaster for a little while of being home, at clinic, or inpatient, as things change so quickly for the little guy! At clinic Thursday, his platelets were down yet again, so he started transfusion. We had hoped he would perk up and eat/drink at home, but it was nominal, so we talked with the team at clinic and decided to start feedings with the NG tube – which means hospital admission for 2-3 days (they said).

The good news is that his levels look pretty decent. In fact, as of yesterday, his ANC was 800 and platelets went up to 55. The tough news is:

  1. ) “2-3 days” for adjusting to tube feeds was inaccurate, and we will be lucky if it’s 6-7 days. We need to make sure his body can handle the volume and rate of Pediasure he’s getting, and we need to determine how he will get feeds from now on (overnight or during day).
  2. ) If his levels are good (ANC at least 750, platelets at least 75), he can start the next scheduled inpatient treatment of high dose Methotrexate on Thursday. In other words, we would roll this admission into the next one.

On the bright side, Cheeky has no fevers and is otherwise energetic and wanting to play. He is still on precautions from the rhinovirus and can’t leave the room, so we make the best of volunteers and support staff. There’s therapy dogs, clowns, volunteers, music therapy, etc. Nonni and Papa brought him a little Christmas tree, too, so it’s a bit more homey now, too.

Happy Football Sunday, Team Naaman. xx

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