December 2018

The Best Admission Yet

Naaman is home sweet home. We got back around noon today, and have no scheduled admissions until 1/3/19 (2019 still doesn’t sound like a real year to me).  Thursday 12/27 he goes in for another LP, but that should be outpatient. While no one wants to be in the hospital, we can say this was the […]

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Admission going well

Cheeky made counts on Thursday, and was admitted for his next high dose methotrexate treatment.  He also had a lumbar puncture (LP) Thursday to check his spinal fluid and directly put some medicine in.  He was a stinker! Next LP will be in the OR with the full anesthesia team because he just doesn’t like

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Santa visit and a little break

We came home Tuesday for a short rest (muddled with TONS of stress trying to get his tube feeds set up), and back to clinic Thursday to see if Cheeky was ready for his next scheduled admission for treatment.  We didn’t have a real wish either way: a break would be nice, but waiting a

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And back again…

It’s going to be a rollercoaster for a little while of being home, at clinic, or inpatient, as things change so quickly for the little guy! At clinic Thursday, his platelets were down yet again, so he started transfusion. We had hoped he would perk up and eat/drink at home, but it was nominal, so

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Cheeky’s Home!

Cheeky made it home today, with a fresh NG tube dressing and enough platelets to last until tomorrow.  His counts are down, but not too down, with the exception of his platelets. Even with transfusions almost daily, his platelets were dropped to undesired levels. It’s amazing what a lousy rhinovirus can do to bone marrow

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