Successful clinic visit Thursday

Counts are up! Somehow, despite being cranky, clingy, and sleepy, Naaman’s ANC reached 4,300.  We resumed chemo, which included TONS of hydration via IV fluid, as one of his meds requires it. We were there 8:15-4:30, but that’s still better than being admitted to inpatient! It was a long, relatively difficult day. Clinic was busy and loud, and Naaman refused to nap or eat (except a few Cheerios with Daddy).

He now has injections at home with a home nurse Friday-Sunday, and again next Friday-Sunday. Daily meds at home by mouth and clinic just Thursday for infusions.  (We are excited to have Monday “off” since The PA Bensons are coming to visit!) Counts are up and that’s always good news. He does have a new cold virus, and counts can always change, so we are just praying we can keep him stable. Lots of handwashing. Otherwise, he can still do fun stuff like the pumpkin patch or visit his favorite store, Target. (Not kidding, he drops what he is doing if you ask, “Want to go to Target?” and walks to the door, saying “Target.”) He should avoid germy spots like indoor play areas or big fesitivals, but sitting in the shopping cart at a store is just fine! I put a fitted sheet over the seat on the cart and I know I look nuts.  Some pics from clinic, including a Mommy MacGuyver contraption for the tablet.

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